Thursday, May 05, 2005

Keep the Kleenex handy!

Here are some wonderful cartoon tributes to the late, Great, John Paul II.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm getting pathetically emotional in my old age, but you were right about those Kleenexes... that's a very very nice site. I especially liked the one where he's being hugged at the gate and they tell him "Welcome home, Karol". :) Love, Victoria

Laura said...

Victoria, I DO NOT CRY... and I was bawling like a baby looking at those cartoons. The one that got me going worst was the one of him kissing the "ground" at the gates of Heaven; reminded me of how he kissed the ground when he returned to Poland -- his other home -- after being elected Pope. It just fit to think of him kissing the ground at the gates of his Final Home. And of course... I'm getting dewey-eyed just remembering it... sigh, blush