Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not Valid

Dear Ms. Lowder:

It is my pleasure to inform you that we have received a decision from our Appeal Court which upholds the decision in your favor given by this Tribunal that your marriage... was NOT VALID under the law of the Catholic Church....

The Second Instance decision is signed and dated January 16, 2008 - exactly twenty years to the day after he and I separated.

The mercies of God are immense.


Mary said...

Dear Laura,

Have you thought to appeal to the Roman Rota?

OKAY, I'M JUST KIDDING! I'm SO thrilled for you! I had to say it again! Yes, I know you probably won't post this, because the above was obviously a jab, but I have to tell you again...I'm THRILLED FOR YOU! I'm overwhelmed by God's mercy, and it's not even about me! I have tears in my eyes with complete and utter JOY for you, my dear friend! My heart is full!

I love you!

Laura said...

You dear, darling - SMARTASS!!!!
Thanks, Mary - I am... I'm not as over the moon as I was with the First Instance, but it's a deep, quiet joy -

I wonder how long it will take for me to realize that I'm FREE????

Angela M. said...

The hair on my arms stood on end when I read that even though we talked about it at length earlier. I think a trip to Paris is in order! Mary, what do you think? Can you go? And I bet Adrienne will want to come too!

Adrienne said...


Mary said...

Paris? One of my favorite cities on earth...Yes, let's go! Laura, can you go? You have to since it's on the occasion of your JOY that Angela suggested it. We girls need to plan a trip! We just don't celebrate enough, and this wonderful news is something to celebrate! YIPPEEEEE!

Laura said...

How's about ROME?

I've been drinking champagne since I picked up a bottle after Mass today -

Adrienne said...

Ah, guys ---- Tony (Soprano), cousin Vinnie, and yours truly are way more in favor of Italy.

Paris is ok but I heard a rumor it was full of French folks.

Angela M. said...

Why not do both?!