Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The artwork in the Abbey is beautiful. I'm sorry the photos of the interior of the church didn't turn out, and I am even more sorry that I didn't take more photos! The most beautiful sculptures are not in the basilica itself, but in the sacristy and in the Abbey; many of which were created and donated to the Abbey by an oblate (a lay affiliate of the order). The first piece we saw was this crucifix, which hangs in the sacristy. The second photo is of a statue of the Abbey's secondary patroness, St. Walburga, Patron Saint of Hospitality.


Linda H. said...

I'm sorry you had problems with some of the photos you took at the Abby, I tried to warn you about taking pictures of us,LOL. The ones you've posted are great. I am so glad you set up the visit for all of us, I had a great time.

Laura said...

My problem wasn't you guys! It was the lighting. I should have taken photos while the lights were up for Mass and Prayers. I'll know next time!