Friday, October 05, 2007

It's looking good -

I've sought counsel from several good people who have an idea of my fundamental capabilities - and I've got to tell you, my favorite response was with one friend whose response to my query, "do I have what it takes?" was

"Oh, hells yeah!"

That made me laugh. I needed to laugh.

So - I've talked via phone with Mary, I've got to call a couple of people in our dioceses for some feedback - but this coming week my major task is to apply to Franciscan University's Distance Learning Program and get my application for a Stafford Loan in the works.

I realize, too, that in going this route I am closer to coming to terms with the likelihood that God is calling me to remain single for the Kingdom. It's not at all what I would choose for myself, but at least I am coming closer to feeling called, not just condemned, to single life.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for your intention! The Church needs a woman with a BS-detector as sharp as yours!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's talk. I too am looking into FUS for their distance learning program for next summer. Want to be roommates?