Saturday, March 01, 2008

I really don't get it

A woman posts on a forum - she's dating a Catholic, he says his faith is important to him... now they're talking about marriage and he's telling her she needs to go through a nullity proceeding... and she's all upset, admits in her posts that she knows nothing about Catholicism.

All the time they've been dating, and she hasn't even been curious about something he says is important to him

Okay, somebody tell me: Which one of them is the stupider? Him for courting a woman who knows NOTHING about his Faith, or her for not trying to learn before now?


Angela M. said...

I don't know if either are "stupid." Unenlightened, yes. I don't think either takes their faith seriously. Or it's just something they do on Sunday and they think that being "good people" is enough. Barf.

I guess he is more stupid. The Catholic faith is a way of life, not a denomination.

Anonymous said...

Dating while married (no nullity), or dating a another person whose marriage has not been investigated for validity, is adultery.

But really is this a surprise?

I wonder if the "Catholic" man has even thought about this, addressed it to a priest or even simply bothered to read a Catechism. Sad.

Adrienne said...

Not looking good for that marriage if it comes to pass.