Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clay's Gay

No, I'm not going to publish the photo - although he looks a heck of a lot more groomed and self-respecting on the cover of People magazine than he did in photos announcing the birth of his son.

Clay Aiken, squeaky-clean Idol and self-professed Christian, has outed himself. He says he's going to be an honest dad.

Bilge and nonsense.

Look, Clay. Being gay isn't morally heroic. Self-denial is.

I feel sort of sorry for you, and always have done. You're cute as a bug, you had a rotten rap of male role models, and you're manifestly a mama's boy - it's a dangerous combination.

But, honey, you need to face facts. Being gay isn't set in concrete. The ancient Corinthians were gay and then some - and they converted to Christianity and gave up the pagan-associated behaviors (look at Paul's letters to the Corinthians - "Such WERE some of you - but you have been bought!")

Give it up. Make friends with some strong and decent straight guys who can teach you how to grow a pair.

Learn what real honesty is.


Zo said...

Sometimes it takes a real lady to
lay down what it takes to be a man.
Tell 'em Laura!

Adrienne said...

Was this your first clue that Clay was gay????

Laura said...

Actually, Adrienne, I don't watch tv and have only seen Clayton a couple of times - and some fellows can be really emotionally immature Mama's Boys and still like girls... so I was trying to avoid jumping to (negative) conclusions -

Hey, Zo!!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Being gay is not a choice.

But reading the Bible and believing every unprovable word is.

You don't think dinosaurs were walking around with cavemen do you?

Laura said...

First of all, I don't understand what you mean about "unprovable." That's really a ridiculous accusation.

Having said that, let's make a distinction. No one is "born gay;" even a leading gay lobbyist in England has admitted there's no "gay gene." However, it is very likely that imprinting occurs - in which case a degree of choice is robbed from the individual -

However, everyone always has choice regarding their actions.

There is no culture that has the reputation of the Corinthians, yet when those who became Christians were converted, they abandoned their extreme licentiousness to become chaste and honorable. Do you think we are incapable of such personal change, now?