Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 2008

Elections are always a high-energy time, lots of nerves and expectations, but I don't remember seeing anything like this year's election, before.

I voted two weeks ago - and most of my friends have taken advantage of early voting, too.

One thing is certain: - If we win tonight, we can't just go back to sleep at the wheel again, as we did four years ago. If we want to save our Nation from destruction, we are going to have to apply a lot of deliberate, steady pressure to reverse the crazy swing to the left that our culture has been taking, unchallenged, for the past decade or more.

I'll write more about that later - right now I have to get ready to go volunteer at the GOP HQ.

Deliver us, O Lord, from every evil, and protect us from all anxiety. In your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.


Angela M. said...

I join my prayers with you, my dear friend.

Ggoose said...

And if Obama gets elected we all need to pray for the unlikely yet quite simple solution of a radical conversion of his position on abortion.

Packrat said...

Amen to your prayer.