Thursday, May 18, 2006

In Search of Femininity

I recently raised the question on one of the forums I participate on, "What is Femininity?" and I got some very interesting answers.

Please understand, I asked this question because I've not been quite sure what it is, myself. It certainly is not something I grew up with, having a mother who suffered frequent debilitating migraines, spent her days with a nose in a book and was dead in spirit before she turned forty. I needed an answer!

Well, as might be expected, the men and the women saw femininity in very different ways. Without exception, the women were focused on "girly" things like perfume, clothing, make-up, jewelry, and so on. They were concerned with what made them feel "pretty" and womanly.

The men, on the other hand, were concerned with moral and emotional differences in the sexes. Domesticity played a large part in the answers I received -- particularly cooking (I wish it were so simple! I love to cook!)Men associate femininity with those qualities of moral virtue, kindness, gentleness, and a sense of sanctuary from a difficult world.

Thoughts? Post 'em here, please.


Anonymous said...

How much time do you have and how many pages can I write?!!!

Anonymous said...

On relfection I would say the men have it right.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I have addressed the question on my blog too.