Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hey, Beth --

Thanks for the heads-up in the Greensboro gay blog. Now I might be able to track Dan and let him know I need him for the nullity process -- either him, personally, or a bunch of family and friends witnesses. I don't think he wants that.

I miss the charming, lovely, affable boy I used to know. The fellow who used to be such a wonderful and companionable friend. If you know what happened to him along the way, I hope you'll pop in and tell me where I can find him. The snide, snarky, deceitful, selfrighteous contemptuous buzzard I knew in later years is no fun at all.

Oh, and while you're so busy being so pleased with yourself for joining the Fairy Prince in blaming me for everything (do queens bear no responsibility for their choices and the hurt subsequent and consequent to thosse choices?), perhaps it will interest you that I continued with my therapy- until Dan cashed the insurance check instead of turning it over to the therapist like he was supposed to do. He, on the other hand, told one therapist, "I know a marriage takes a lot of work, I just don't want to be bothered," and the other he just quit coming, always had something "better" and "more important" to do.

Both counselors (both women, by the way -- how come you haven't commented on the idea that homosexuality is fundamentally misogynistic at its core?) still remember him. Less than fondly.


beth said...

Maybe he realized you had turned into something other then he first knew when he met you and couldn't stand it anymore.

Laura said...

I hope I'm misunderstanding you -- are you suggesting I created his homosexuality? And just where do you suggest his responsibility might lie? Or do queens get exempt from that sort of boring thing?

Christine said...

Maybe Dan was hiding the truth for quite some time....from others and from himself.

Laura said...

Chris, I can see that as a very likely case. He just had too much to lose, and he was, overall, such a decent fellow.

Carolina Cannonball said...

Laura... dont you know you know its never the homosexuals fault. After all he is just acting on his natural instincts created at birth.

BTW, this argument for the gay lifestyle only suggests that homosexuals are imcapable of self control and live sex centered lifestyles.