Friday, May 30, 2008

bragging on myself for a moment -

Hot. Tired. Achey -
And 8 tomatoes and a pepper (need more) and some other stuff are IN the garden. And heavily mulched with straw, and composted with well-rotted horse manure - And my neighbor, Greg, is coming over tomorrow to plow part of the garden...and to bring me some more horse maure - and I'll have to resort to Round-Up for one bed of something nasty, but that won't be too bad, and I can hit the poison ivy in the hedge row while I'm at it.

And tomorrow afternoon I'm supposed to meet a girlfriend for a drink and gab - something we don't do nearly often enough, we women -

And I've worked most of this week and will again next week -

And my knees are still functioning and I'm tired but happy.

Ah, summer!


Adrienne said...

It's a great feeling to work outside. A day like this always means the best kind of shower. A shower that means something 'cause you are really dirty. Ummmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Hi love. You sound happy. That makes me smile. I went to see Celine Dion on Friday night, what a welcome break! Dad is back in hospital but should be discharged soon though. Have some tomatoes for me doll! :-) love Siné