Monday, May 12, 2008

I spent a delightful weekend housesitting for friends over in Pinehurst. Oh - and dog-sitting; mustn't forget Tucker!

Watched entirely too much tv and did nothing else of what I had planned to do (study) but Turner Classic Movies showed some wonderful movies this weekend! LOL

Have you ever noticed how incredibly chaste - nay, STIFF - old movie kisses are? The actors come together - she lifts her face to his, and their lips mash together without ever moving in the slightest toward a pucker. Certainly no open-mouthed kissing!

And the bedrooms are furnished with twin beds! It was very effective when Claudette Colbert (in "Since You Went Away") jumps out of her own bed and hurls herself, sobbing, into her dear husband's bed, the first night he's away to join the Army. But in Mrs Miniver you know it's a matter of the Morality Code at work.

Times sure have changed since the 40s! Now we're more concerned with "realism." Those old movies, though, have a quality that the new films are missing.

And on a similar note - THREE CHEERS to Masterpiece Theater for making Cranford available for viewing via internet streaming! HOORAY!!!!

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Adrienne said...

It's much better when our imaginations have to fill in the blanks. Oh - I forgot - people don't have imaginations anymore:)

What's going on with that other test?? Grades posted yet?