Monday, May 05, 2008

Hi-ya, Dr Thompson and Staff!

Great big greetings to my friend at the Dental Office of Dr Mark Thompson - the Caterer-to-Cowards par excellence! He tugged out a broken off root from an old root canal, this afternoon - they're popping by here because I wanted them to see the Tanner Annunciation -

They've got this amazing painting of the Crucifixion in the office - forgot to ask if I can have a photo of it - would like a photo of them all, too -

(But my jaw does feel as if you tried to push that root into it!) - I've taken my Lorcet like a good girl, and I'm heading to bed for a woozy-headed nap!)


Adrienne said...

Lorcet will make it aaaaaal better (or at least you won't care:)

Laura said...

Actually - this afternoon it didn't make it all better - but I dozed a bit in spite of that. I ought to be good as almost-new, tomorrow -
(yes, just took a 2d one - getting nice and woozy now)