Friday, June 20, 2008

Kids and crime - violent crime

Thanks to "Dove" for sending me this link about migrating crime waves across America.

I'm horrified to see Charlotte-Mecklenburg as one of the worst cities in America for crime; but I have a feeling that my own community won't be far behind, per capita. We see evidence of this - I can only identify it as nihilism among the black and Latino youth at our high school.

What's the remedy?

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Anonymous said...

Quite an interesting story. I lived in Memphis for 18 years, and during that time, I moved around the city quite a bit - different areas and different neighborhoods. One of the places I lived was near Jackson Avenue (mentioned in the story). The first year there, I wasn't worried about the neighborhood, but after that, I started getting a little concerned. I saw a lot of this going on then (1982-2000), so I'm not surprised that the political leaders don't want to hear about the problems they created. You can't just move a person and expect them to change instantly. They need help, which they don't get.

Mary T