Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rant, part 2

The more I think about it (having slept on it, of course!) the madder I am at Amy Lorber's protest against local churches providing a religious service for our local high school seniors (see previous entry, just below).

I grew up in this community; in fact, most of my family has been born within 100 miles of where I now sit, for at least five generations. This IS the Bible Belt. Protestant Christianity is the long-held norm of religious expression, until the past ten years or so fairly exclusively so (except for a growing number of transplanted Catholics).

I'm not sure which makes me angrier: one woman's attack on religious freedom in our community, or her flagrant contempt for this community, its citizens and its customs.

Hell, blast and damn! if she doesn't like it here, why did she MOVE here?


Adrienne said...

It is just more of the "it's all about meeeeeee" crap that goes on in this country. This women needs to get a life.

I grew up in a neighborhood in St. Paul, MN that mostly Catholic. Those that were not Catholic were Jewish. The Jewish kids ended up with "Hannukah bushes" and we had Menorahs sitting next to the Christmas tree. Worked for us.

Randy said...

You've got the wrong end of the stick here.

If I'm reading the article correctly, she objects to the use of taxpayer-funded school facilities for a pointedly-Christian event that excludes other religious affiliations, as well as its advertisment during the hours set aside for education. I think she has a point.

Laura said...

Actually, Randy, the auditorium is county-owned and can be rented by any civic organization, including churches; it is frequently used by local churches for very large funerals, for example, as well as for NC Symphony performances and other events. And the other religious groups are not excluded, members are welcome to attend - but it is sponsored and paid for by several local Protestant churches, and will very likely include a standard sermon, etc. It was advertised by volunteers passing out fliers, and by a sign on the main highway at the school's entrance.
Ms. Lorber and her synagogue can also use the facility, invite whom they wish, etc.

I got an email from the superintendent of schools today, expressing hope that perhaps next year a larger-based event can be planned. I have my own opinion about THAT and will like blog about it later tonight ;)